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I have always been interested and to some extent involved in news and politics therefore it stands to reason I read everything I could get my hands on to include foreign papers, and news sites. I started reading about Muslim extremists, and rapes, many crimes going on around the globe by “Asian men”  I started researching this phenomenon when it became clear to me there was something else going on. These were not just random acts of violence these were acts spurred on by an ideology of hate which I soon learned was Islam, and it was spreading all over the world like a cancer it spread, stealthily and quickly.

I write on creeping Sharia Law because it is one of the most insidious of all evils infiltrating the United States these days. I also expose political corruption. I consider myself an equal opportunity offender because I believe both parties have let the American people down. I write about issues coming before the congress and senate. I research articles and do video blogs. I’m not another talking head. I’m not interested in being a politician either. I’m just an average citizen with a passion for the facts, the United States Constitution, and our American way of life.

I’ve had a passion for the American political system since I was a teenager. Since the day I first found C-Span 1 & 2, I was fascinated. I was riveted by the arguments happening on the floor of the congress and senate. The more I watched the more powerful I felt. I had knowledge now, and I was powerful. I would debate with everybody about Islam and American politics and anybody who disagreed with me and I usually won. I won because I had the facts. What we need now is wisdom, that is what I will give you, wisdom that comes from well researched and thought out information not foolish banter. I will arm you with the facts, and nothing but the facts about Islam, about your politicians, government, and people in power. I am opinionated but in the end it is the facts which will win you over. It is the facts which will keep you coming to my site.


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